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The overall relocation of Zun Ti Group will be a major test for enterprises and the government.

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The factory building can be relocated and the memory cannot be moved. Recently, a goodbye! Another old-fashioned state-owned enterprise in Zunyi will be relocated as a national industry leader. Your parents may be working there..." (hereinafter referred to as "goodbye"), there are not many words, quite fanciful. In fact, there is a kind of nostalgia or even regret in the lines between the lines. I hope that the Titanium Group can "reinvent the Nirvana".

Demolition and relocation. It is necessary to look back and look forward with a historical perspective and a development perspective. It is believed that the minutes of the meeting between the Zunyi Municipal Government and the Zun Ti Group on the relocation of enterprises have long been the "Wan Zi Shu". The reporter consulted the information. The relocation of the Zunyi City Planning Zun Titan Group "Retirement into the Garden" should be traced back to 2007. The earliest was the August 19th of the year when the CPPCC went to the enterprise to investigate the idea of relocation, and the prelude to the relocation was opened. Since 2007, regardless of how Guizhou Province has adjusted the leadership of the Zunyi Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, the word "relocation" has become the focus of the new municipal party committee, municipal government, and the National People's Congress and the CPPCC. The production of Zun Ti Group also has some ideological constraints on the development of the relocation problem. The original site has gradually shrunk from the whole process to the steaming process of producing only titanium sponge, so that the production is now seriously restricted by the supply of raw materials. In addition, with the Baosteel and other companies initiated by the establishment of the Zunbao company due to a small accident in 2011 and the improper disposal of the local, the production is almost stopped and opened, which also led to the difficulties encountered in the production and operation of Zun Ti Group, debt One of the factors that aggravated.

Relocation is a double-edged sword. If you move well, you will definitely introduce new ones. I am afraid that if I move it, I will lift my rock and lick my own feet. History tells the reality that the relocation of Zun Ti Group has actually become a big test. From the beginning of 2007, Zunyi City began to relocate the Zun Ti Group. At that time, Zun Ti Group was still a top taxpayer. Nowadays, the taxpayer has become a big loss in 11 years, the bank debt is heavy, and the relocation has missed a good time.

In "Goodbye," some of the words are objective, and some of the words are out of date with reality. What is still the only sponge-titanium full-process smelting enterprise in China, and what is the big news that will be relocated. Because, since 2007, relocation has become a topic for the leadership of Zunyi City, and it is also one of the proposals for the coordination of research by the National People's Congress and the government. In the past 11 years, the Zunyi Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have changed at least five or more leaders. The topics they have studied in the Zun Ti Group must be inseparable from the relocation and inseparable from the actual difficulties that the government needs to solve. At that time, the secretary of the provincial party committee and the governor of the province had visited the Zunbao Titanium Company in Tonglu County, which was affiliated to Zun Titan Group. Zunbao Titanium Industry is actually the destination for the Titanium Group to retreat into the park. In the past 11 years, it has been delayed for a long time without the relocation of existing enterprises, and it has been caused by frequent changes in the leadership of local governments.

In 2007, it began to move. At that time, Zun Ti Group was the largest sponge titanium plant in the country. At that time, Zun Ti Group was the largest taxpayer in Zunyi City. Over time, Zeng Titan Group's sponge titanium production has slipped from the first place in the country to four or five, becoming a large loss-making household and heavy bank debt, missing the listing financing road in 2009. As a result of the current situation, we can see that "relocation" has hampered the thinking of moving forward, and the idea has bound the way out. Because, the earliest Zunyi City required to implement the retreat into the park, the Zun Titan Group dispatched an attack to the site of Wudang District in Guiyang, but Zunyi City hopes to move away from Zunyi City, and the tax will be in Zunyi City. Zun Titan Group had to take over the privately-owned sponge titanium factory in Tonglu County, which is now renamed in the government. When it was next, the private enterprise only completed the "cement pile" of the basic part of the civil construction. Later, the Zun Ti Group invested heavily in self-raising + bank loans. Unexpectedly, the day of the completion of the construction, it was the time when the sponge titanium market encountered Waterloo, and the reasons for the above aspects were superimposed. The Titanium Group has since moved forward and has become more difficult. Even after taking the retreat two years ago and buying out the working-age staff, it is still difficult to walk. Fortunately, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guizhou Province has repeatedly injected funds to survive.

Active relocation and passive relocation, corporate behavior and government behavior must follow the survival rules and development guidelines. Now, the retreat into the park is an objective demand for the construction of beautiful Zunyi. It is unstoppable to relocate to Titanium. Unfortunately, it missed the precious initiative to relocate and can only "struggle" on passive relocation. Therefore, the relocation of Zun Ti Group is not a big news, because 11 years ago, on August 19, 2007, the CPPCC surveyed the relocation project. A procrastinating relocation, the company has turned from a profitable household to a large loss-making household, carrying debts on the front line, companies need to reflect, local governments need to reflect, in order to deal with the relocation of this exam.

"Goodbye" describes: "Many old Zunyi people may not know Zunyi Titanium Factory (now Zhan Titan Group), but when they talk about "906", they are familiar with it. This is because the enterprise code of Zunyi Titanium Factory is `906`...... It will be moved to Gaoshan District, Tongshan County, Tonglu County. According to reports, the company was the first to be relocated in the five state-owned enterprises located in the southern part of the city center of Zunyi."

In fact, before the "906" code, it was a workshop of Zunyi Ferroalloy Factory (formerly known as the Eighth Five-Year Factory), and later called the Eighty-Five-Year Factory. On March 29, 1966, the national essay named "906", this is the earliest source of Zun Ti Group. Now, Zun Ti Group will face a major test in the overall situation of the loss of serious losses and debts in the face of a serious overcapacity of domestic sponge titanium production and fierce market competition. This question requires the company to actively respond to it. It needs local government to face it: how to deal with the huge debt of the bank, and whether it can be converted into debt? Can the government-supported relocation funds be put in place? Can the relocation funds be strictly controlled for special funds? Can the land auction funds in the old district help to relocate? Can the Tongxin County Government High-tech Park create a relaxed environment for enterprise relocation? Can enterprises really have a clear and realistic development plan in the transition? Can an enterprise reduce the number of cadres in the transition and create a learning enterprise? Can we use the relocation to clear the management of the past, and everything goes from scratch to the track of scientific governance.

Since relocation is inevitable, it is necessary for enterprises and localities to make up their minds to properly solve the problems that may be encountered during the relocation and to prevent the current situation of "thunder and heavy rain". The relocation has been dragged down for 11 years, the confidence has been delayed, and the determination has been shaken. This is also the subject that enterprises must solve, and the local government should solve the problem. Everyone knows that procrastinating is not a good style. The 11-year relocation will definitely hurt the survival and development of enterprises. 11 years ago, I said that the overall relocation, 11 years later still said that the overall relocation, the result of "drag" is to pay the price. Whose responsibility? Enterprises and local governments need to sort out this "long move, long-term heart."

"Goodbye! Another old state-owned enterprise in Zunyi will be relocated as a national industry leader. Your parents may be working there...". It is really not important for your parents to go to work there. The important thing is to be able to seek truth from facts, to do things, to do things in a down-to-earth manner, to manage in a down-to-earth manner, to manage in a down-to-earth manner, to plan in a down-to-earth manner, to relocate, to innovate, to move out. Xintiandi, "Your parents will continue to work" - this is the effect of relocation.

The relocation of Zun Titan Group is inseparable from the support of local governments. The success of the relocation is not only the scientific and rational planning of the future, but also the rhythm of the integration with the market, the rhythm of scientific research and development, and the rhythm of product innovation. It is necessary for the local government to fully devote its efforts to relocation, instead of aiming to move the Zunyi City as a whole, and then slowly move away from the relocation. Therefore, the relocation is not important, and the relocation is unsuccessful, and in the end, the result of the verification "as" will be obtained.

The overall relocation of Zun Ti Group will be a big test for enterprises and the government. People are waiting for the score on the answer sheet!