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Difficult to change the spirit of the beginning, not to change the heart, hot youth, dedication to the treasure of titanium
- remember the nation

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The ringing tone of the work has already been heard. There is a young man in the laboratory of Bao Ti Research Institute, but "the ears are not heard outside the window", still staring at the experimental instruments. Familiar people know that this is the normal state of young people's work and life. In the stage of tackling every major scientific research project, he will spend so much sleepless nights in the laboratory... The young man who is soaking in the lab all day is Liu Jixiong, a national young talent expert and a doctor of engineering.

General Secretary Xi Jinping said: "There is only one youth in a person's life. At this moment, youth is used to struggle. In the future, youth is used for memories." Liu Jixiong is working hard, using hard work, hard work, hard work, fearlessness. Difficult, conscientiously colored, depicting a wonderful picture of youth.

In June 2012, Dr. Liu Jixiong graduated. With the further implementation of the national strategy for the development of the western region, the development speed of the western region has been accelerating, and the demand for talents has also increased. As China's largest specialized rare metal production and research base based on titanium and titanium alloys, Baoti Group has increased its emphasis on high-end talents and independent research and development capabilities in the process of development and growth. Titanium Institute. Liu Jixiong's major is material processing engineering. The research direction is the preparation process and microstructure properties of titanium alloys and composite materials. It is directly related to the production process and leading products of Baoti Group. After repeated considerations, he gave up many favorable treatments for domestic key material units, resolutely decided to respond to the national call, signed a Baoti Titanium with his wife, joined the Titanium Research Institute, and determined to start from the front line and start from scratch. Value, as a social responsibility.

At the beginning of his career, he realized that to make achievements, to apply the theory of the school to practice, you must start from scratch, step by step, solidly and bit by bit to understand the company's process. Therefore, Liu Jixiong took the initiative to apply to the grassroots level. He did not fear the hardships and suffered hardships with the masters. He said: "Only by knowing the hardships of work, can we cherish the fruits of labor and make better labor results." During the internship, Liu Jixiong humbly consulted. He brought the academic atmosphere of the doctor to the work site, and brought the passion of the frontline workers to the research and development of the institute. Liu Jixiong knows that it is necessary to be hard on the iron. As a doctor, how to lead a research and development team and integrate the technology level of the Baoti Group with the world, he feels a long way to go. During the first half of the work of Bao Titan Research Institute, he worked hard to learn relevant knowledge, to be competent in relevant work as soon as possible, to organize academic exchange meetings, and to bring the academic atmosphere of the Institute into a new stage. Through internship, Liu Jixiong has a systematic understanding of the company's management organization, personnel composition, equipment conditions, process parameters, and technical advantages, laying a solid foundation for future research and development and R&D work.

After the completion of the internship task, Liu Jixiong combined with his own professional advantages to timely develop independent research and development work on metal composite panels, mainly from the aspects of explosion and rolling production of titanium steel composite plates for chemical industry and large-area layered metal composite plates. The technical staff of the institute and the composite board company have been greatly assisted and fully supported and affirmed by the leaders of the institute and the leaders of the composite board project, which has boosted the overall research and development enthusiasm and research depth of the Baoti Group. In addition to participating in the research and development of metal composite materials, he also participated in the development of titanium alloy bars for a certain type of engine, actively participated in the formulation of material production processes, and tracked the production process control of titanium alloy bars with the on-site masters. The time to prepare qualified rods, to meet the requirements of the project unit, to ensure the smooth development of the project, and achieved phased research results.

In China, the combination technology of small area titanium steel has been relatively perfect, but the large-area titanium steel composite board is difficult to manufacture and the process is not perfect, which is difficult to meet important engineering needs. In the process of studying "sandwich" titanium steel composite panels, how can we make large-area titanium steel composite panels? After continuous exploration, Liu Jixiong found that to make a composite board of about 24 square meters, it is required that the joint strength of all parts of the whole board can meet the requirements, otherwise the local strength will cause the board to stratify. This tests the surface roughness and gap values in the process parameters, and also how the explosives are distributed and the amount of explosives. To this end, Liu Jixiong made experiments in the laboratory, analyzed the data, and often went into the mountains to engage in explosion tests with the workers. After research and development, Liu Jixiong and the team finally broke through the explosive composite technology of oversized steel plate and titanium steel composite plate with an advanced level of more than 24 square meters in the international advanced level, and formed a new production capacity of titanium composite materials, making Baoti Group become rare in China. The company that can produce large-scale titanium steel layered composite materials provides technical support for the next step in developing the titanium composites market for nuclear power plants.

He continues to forge ahead, go deep into the front line, master the first-hand information on the research and production site, and carry out scientific research work in combination with his professional expertise. He has undertaken and participated in nearly 10 scientific research projects, including the National Science and Technology Major Project, the National Key Model Military Products Supporting Project, the Shaanxi Science and Technology Department Science and Technology Coordination Innovation Project, the Baoji City Base Construction Project and the company's independent research and development project. Through the implementation of the project, a number of core products have been developed, breaking through a series of key technologies, creating a lot of benefits for Baoti Group and promoting technological advancement in enterprises and industries. Participate in the technical difficulties of the project and the breakthrough of key technologies. The company's technical strength in the research, processing and heat treatment of titanium alloy materials has been implemented in the development of new titanium alloy materials and new process optimization projects. Production meets the needs of China's aviation, aerospace, military, nuclear power, ship and other titanium alloy applications, reflecting the value of technology efficiency in high-tech enterprises.

As the head of the Ph.D. research and innovation team, he is engaged in the research of structural titanium alloys and metal composites. As a core member of the “Three Qin Scholars” innovation team, postdoctoral research workstation team and academician workstation team, he conducts research on computer simulation technology of titanium alloy processing, titanium alloy. The study of phase diagram and phase transition behavior has filled the gap in the research of Baoti in related fields, changed the traditional situation of relying on experience for process testing, improved the independent innovation capability of enterprises, and promoted the comprehensive construction of talent team and technical strength of Baoti Group. Upgrade.

In his research and innovation positions, Liu Jixiong is not afraid of difficulties, dares to challenge, and gives full play to the role of leading and demonstrating, highlighting the role of a Communist Party member. In recent years, he has published more than 40 papers and 11 SCI/EI searches. In 2015, at the 12th World Titanium Conference held in San Diego, USA, he also represented Bao Ti as a communication report, showing and promoting the scientific research strength of China's titanium industry to the world peers. He is also committed to introducing advanced thermal simulation technology into the research and production of titanium processing technology, which has greatly shortened the development cycle and process improvement cost of the new titanium alloy. In the development of new titanium alloys, improvement of titanium alloy production process and research and development of titanium steel composite board technology, the company has won more than 80 million contract orders. He has won the honorary titles of Shaanxi Youth Science and Technology New Star, Shaanxi Excellent Communist Party Member, Shaanxi Young Youth (Innovative Youth), Baoji City Outstanding Youth Position Master, and Baoji Top Ten Outstanding Youth Model.

Thousands of jade are jade, and hundreds of irons are made into steel. The road to scientific research has always been difficult and lonely. Liu Jixiong, who seems to be ordinary and simple, never fears. He is brave in the tide, willing to sacrifice, and has a good record. He used his actual actions to fulfill the promise of contributing to the West in social service. In him, we have seen the spirit of dedication and unremitting struggle, and we have seen the strong will of Baoti Youth to work hard and climb the peak. No matter how big the storm is, we believe that Liu Jixiong’s youth and dreams are on the road.