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Arconic develops new high-temperature titanium alloy for aviation

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Recently, Arconic announced that it has developed an ARCONIC-THOR® advanced titanium alloy that has been commercially licensed. The alloy is designed for use in next-generation aero engines and adjacent structures for high temperature applications. In the fiery operation of the next generation of aero engines, ARCONIC-THOR is a lighter, more cost-effective new titanium alloy to replace the current nickel-based superalloys. This patented titanium alloy is 50% lighter than current nickel-based alloys and is more suitable for use in high temperature aerospace engines and adjacent structures, and can save customers money, enabling the company to capture the needs of the engine and airframe materials markets.

ARCONIC-THOR is a breakthrough aerospace material whose performance is beyond the reach of traditional alloys. Jeremy Halford, president of Arconic Engineering Structure, said that the next generation of fuel-efficient aero engines are widely used, for exhaust system materials and adjacent structures. The choice of materials is a challenge. Utilizing our materials science expertise, our engineers develop ARCONIC-THOR® powerful titanium solutions that can withstand heat and considerable weight, saving our customers cost.

Within the patented alloy range of Arconic, the patented formulation has a threefold increase in oxidation resistance compared to existing superalloys. This improved oxidation resistance prevents the material from deteriorating at elevated temperatures, and the ARCONIC-THOR alloy operates better at endurance temperatures than other traditional titanium alloys on the market.

Arconic has partnered with customers to complete the development project ARCONIC-THOR, which includes aircraft project manufacturer Boeing and aircraft engine manufacturer Honeywell funded by the US Air Force Research Laboratory, where we use ARCONIC-THOR sheet to produce all large parts. . The Joint Material Burden Initiative (MAI) project validated ARCONIC-THOR as a viable, highly resistant titanium oxide alloy with acceptable oxidation resistance at temperatures up to 200 °F. The project further concluded that ARCONIC-THOR significantly reduced weight and improved component performance.

The Society of Automotive Engineers - Aerospace Materials Standards Committee for Titanium and Refractory Metals (SAE-AMS) recently approved the Standard Aviation Materials Specification (AMS) 6953 for ARCONIC-THOR sheet.

ARCONIC-THOR produces thin and thick sheets, foils, billets, rolling rings, forgings and extrusions. Has formability (cold, hot, superplastic), heat treatable, malleable, weldable.