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Baoji Titanium Environmental Inspector needs

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Baoji Titanium is hot in the sun, and Baoji Titanium is dying. What is the reason, the weather is too hot, sweaty, this is the power of nature. Environmental protection inspector, "two breaks and three clears" (water cut, power cut, clear raw materials, cleaning equipment, clearing the site), this is a storm of environmental protection. It can be said that this year's environmental inspectors are much hotter than in July. Titanium companies are not afraid of the heat, but they are afraid of water and electricity.

Environmental protection is very important. It involves green mountains and green mountains and involves generations of generations. This must be affirmed. It is believed that enterprises that have been "two broken and three clear" also recognize the importance of environmental protection work. No one likes smog, anyone who hates pollution will hate it. The haze should be treated and the pollution should be cleaned up. Environmental inspectors are very reasonable. In fact, it is really a dilemma to think about environmental protection. If it does not have an impact on the environment, if governance has an impact on life. Environmental protection is also a double-edged sword. The governance of "two breaks and three clears" has an impact on GDP, and it will let it go without pollution. Therefore, environmental protection is a headache, headaches need to be healed, but more need to be sorted out, in order to scientifically and rationally manage environmental protection, so that there will be no headaches and pains.

In the seven or eight months of red heat and inflammation, the China Titanium Valley of Baoji Titanium was “environmentally friendly”, and 90% of the enterprises were “two broken and three clear” in the environmental protection inspector, which is also the banner of China Titanium Industry. A little affected. It can be seen that the intensity of this environmental protection inspector has never been seen before. closed! Stopped! The industrial chain has been affected! The "chain" that has been processed by the foreign ministers outside the province has been extended. This is a way of no way, which inevitably lengthens the transportation distance and increases the cost. This kind of large-scale closed and stopped situation should be sorted out as soon as it is a scientific environmental inspector, which is the need to "strike and control" the construction of a healthy China Titanium Valley.

The environmental protection inspector storm faced by Baoji Titanium City first needs to see the positive side from the general direction: to protect the environment, protect the blue sky and white clouds, and protect the green mountains and green waters. This should be recognized. For this environmental protection inspector, more than 90% of the enterprises have been "two broken". It is indeed quite large, and the emotions are quite hurt. The complaints of enterprises are understandable. After all, the closure is stopped, the employees are not working, and the enterprises are losing. Big, life is affected. Environmental protection inspectors should be appropriate. It is appropriate to standardize corporate behavior. It is more appropriate for enterprises to assume social responsibilities and strengthen environmental protection. Therefore, environmental protection inspectors facing Baoji Titanium City should need "double rationality" ------

The environmental supervision department should make the work more detailed: enterprises that are really difficult to rectify pollution should be directly "two breaks and three clears"; enterprises that have pollution and conditionally solve environmental protection should self-examine and rectify within a time limit, and there is still pollution at the end of the period. Implement "two breaks and three clears"; enterprises that have a sense of social responsibility should also be rewarded. Environmental protection inspectors should have a prize if they have a penalty. Before the inspector (or even inspecting the inspectors), the work should be fined, and the different situations of the polluting enterprises should be sorted out. If they are treated differently, there is no need to take a one-size-fits-all approach. A one-size-fits-all approach is relatively simple, but often makes the work paranoia extreme, loses the fairness of reward and punishment, and stimulates the contradiction that should not be intensified. Therefore, the governance of environmental protection needs to be treated rationally, and it is necessary to uphold the principle of making work fine. Only in this way can we reduce contradictions.

For the enterprise, whether or not it has been "two breaks and three clears", you must ask yourself: Is it polluted? Can I rectify it? Can I assume social responsibility? Enterprises are "two breaks and three clears", the natural mood is definitely unhappy, there are appeals to take reasonable channels, and rational confrontation is the solution to the problem. The environmental protection inspector of Baoji Titanium is indeed very strict, but environmental inspectors and enterprises should be "double rational", do the work done by each other, do the work done, do the work done strictly, and proceed from the overall situation. It is necessary to protect the titanium industry chain of Baoji China Titanium Valley, and establish a scientific development concept to promote the healthy development of China's titanium industry.

Environmental inspectors need to be treated rationally, and Baoji Titanium needs to face it rationally. Law enforcement is not extreme, the practice is not extreme, and the appeal is not extreme. Because "two breaks and three clears" need scientific understanding to build a better life.