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Facing the China Titanium Valley under the environmental storm

[ Info Diffusion:Admin | Times:2018-08-31 | HIts:518 ]

Environmental protection inspector "two breaks and three clears" (water cut, power cut, clear raw materials, cleaning equipment, clearing the site), 95% of the titanium enterprises in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province stopped production and closed the door, complaining. This time, the eight-month environmental inspector in Baoji has a huge impact, and almost all of the enterprises have stopped production, which is the most stringent in history.

It is reported that the main problem of this environmental protection is that wastewater and dust are not up to standard. The reporter learned that more than 95% of the private titanium enterprises in Baoji City were shut off and powered off, and the individual workshops of Baoti Group also stopped production due to failure to meet the standards. Unlike the typical heavy polluting industries such as metallurgy and chemical industry, people think that the impact of the mechanical processing industry on the environment is very slight, but when the environmental protection inspector came, they only knew the strictness of the relevant policies. Even if the emissions are extremely small, it is not allowed to have qualified treatment methods for dust and sewage. As a result, under the strict environmental protection policy, water was cut off and power was cut off, resulting in a complete shutdown.

Baoji Titanium Valley is China's largest titanium industry base, and the overall shutdown has a huge impact. I don't know when it will be able to resume production. Enterprises are afraid to pick up orders, and they have not signed orders on time. This has caused the domestic titanium supply to be affected and the market price to fluctuate, which has brought huge operational risks to the company. The operational risks caused by environmental protection cannot be ruled out, and the “China Titanium Valley” may face a surviving test.

This time, the environmental storm encountered by Baoji has made people aware of the strictness of environmental protection policies and deepened their understanding of environmental protection. Local enterprises believe that it is appropriate to control sewage and dust, but they should give a rectification buffer period in the order, and they should not be able to cut off water and power, and cause losses to the enterprise. Environmental protection inspectors should be appropriate. It is appropriate to standardize corporate behavior. It is appropriate for enterprises to assume social responsibility. Therefore, it is hoped that the environmental inspection method should be scientific, so that enterprises can reduce operational risks while accepting rectification. Therefore, it is recommended that the work of environmental protection inspectors should be as detailed as possible, and that the company should be treated according to the policy. Serious water supply should be cut off and power should be cut off. It should not be taken across the board. Only rational management of environmental protection can reduce operational risks and resolve conflicts.

The environmental protection inspector is also a vivid education class, which has popularized environmental protection knowledge, so that enterprises can understand the importance of environmental protection, understand social responsibility, and know that it is difficult to be environmentally friendly. In the face of "two breaks and three clears", environmental inspectors and enterprises should wait rationally, starting from the overall situation, and protecting the titanium industry chain of Baoji China Titanium Valley. Only in this way will law enforcement be unbiased, and the practice is not extreme. It is not extreme, so as to promote the implementation of the scientific development concept and truly promote the healthy development of China's titanium industry.